From a very young age, I have enjoyed reading books relating to Eastern Philosophy.  Over several decades, I have been collecting books on the topic. This book review is the first of a new series on Edge of Humanity Magazine.

Do you remember the TV show Kung Fu? This 1970’s hit staring David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine was packed full of pearls of Eastern wisdom. The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom by Herbie J. Pilato is a collection of quotes from the television series. The book contains 127 pages of very useful quotations. The author has done an outstanding job collecting and organizing the quotes under such headings as courage, discipline, harmony, patience, etc, as well as which person in the TV show said the quote.

Example quotes from the book:

The sun endures; the moon endures; life endures. (By Master Po, Episode 1)


If you plant rice, rice grows.

If you plant fear, fear grows. (Caine, episode 11)


Which is truly the prisoner?

The fly, which moving freely has entered unknown danger?

Or the spider, which having spun its web,

remains, never knowing the pleasure…

or the danger of the fly? (By Master Po, Episode 16)


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Kung Fu Book of Wisdom