Photographer David Saxe is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography. From his project ‘Yemanja‘.  To see David’s projects click on any image.






Brazil’s third largest city, Salvador is the capital, not just of Bahia, but of African Brazil. One cannot avoid the country’s African heritage, from the carnival rhythms, the rituals of candomblé (Brazil’s equivalent of Santeria) and in the martial art ballet of capoeira. Beginning just before dawn, tens of thousands of people begin to show up at the beach lighting candles, offering prayers to Neptune, and praying for a happy marriage, good health and prosperity. The beach is packed with celebrants dancing, smoking and drinking beer and by noon it is mostly over. This ceremony is repeated in many forms, throughout Bahia, in the small villages and towns of the Reconcavo running concurrent with Carnival.







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