Street Photographer Scott Murphy  @ Megapixel Street Photo is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  From his project ‘Megacity Dhaka‘.  To see Scott’s body of work  click on any image. 







The city of Dhaka is more than your average capital: its vibrant untamed spirit transforms a poverty-stricken city into one of the world’s most chaotic and captivating places. Plagued with ever congested streets, high levels of pollution and limited infrastructure, the modest traveler finds himself thrown into an adventure like no other.

This series strives to portray the character of its inhabitants by shining a light on their rawness of life. Shot in three iconic locations (Saderghat ferry terminal, Old City Dhaka and the Brick Kilns of Ashulia) these images capture a life of hardship and trial.

The rapid influx of migration and population growth in recent years has created a frenetic energy in the Old City of Dhaka. Streets, strewn with rubbish. Rickshaws battle their way through choked marketplaces. When the fierce sun finally sets on another day and early dusk creeps forth, the maze of alleyways and bazaars roar to life. Factory seconds coupled with Chinese counterfeits flood the footpath. The masses of people venture into the cooling night to participate in this madness. The overwhelming effect of being in one of the most densely populated (44,000 per square kilometer) cities in the world becomes suffocating.





North-East of the city limits, the smoke stacks of Ashulia stand like giant straws plugged into the earth’s crust. Hundreds of manufacturers bustle and thrive after monsoon season. This is the place where the bricks of Dhaka are fired in local kilns. Produced in droves to feed the ever-expanding city. However, the littered landscape of smoking chimneys also harbor a sinister side: bonded laborers are rife. Unskilled workers, desperate for any employment. Only recently have the international community recognized their plight and campaigned for these hired-hands.

This collection of images represents a glimpse into the metropolis. The frenzied city robs all opportunity of covering vast areas in a limited amount time. Shooting fast is imperative. It’s these specific locations that were chosen with the purpose to give a rare insight into a city where few foreign photographers venture.




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