Photographer Alexandros Demetriades is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these daily life images.  These photographs are from his  project ‘A Balkan Journey’.  To see Alexandros’ photographs click on any image.






Stooped in tradition and history, the Balkans has a character to them that reveals both a steely strength and delicate sensitivity all at once. Blood and tears run with equal measure in this part of the world. It is a place of extreme measures where the daily balance can easily tip over at any point. Old values still exist and guide daily life. There is a feeling of magic and mystery permeating the air.  From its landscapes to its people all are wrapped in a beauty that goes beyond skin deep. As they observe the world with a stubborn confidence and unbreakable stoicism one can only imagine their inner soul but can never quite touch it. Lives here unfold with grandeur and poise no matter where you are.