Do you have an interest in Eastern Philosophy? This jammed packed book containing 468 pages and 4000 entries in alphabetical order, is a fantastic resource to have in your library. The teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen are covered.  I look up a word in this book that I do not know the meaning of, or to refresh my understanding of a word, and then bingo I then have a clear grasp of a term.

Below are two examples of excerpt entries from The Encyclopedia Of Eastern Philosophy and Religion book:

Soto School

In the first half of the 13th century, the tradition of the Soto school was brought to Japan from China by the Japanese master-Dogen Zenji; there, Soto Zen, along with Rinzai, is one of the two principle transmission lineages of Zen still active today. Please note: this is  small except of  more detailed information on this term given in the book.

Kundalini –Yoga

or Tantra- Yoga, the goal of this path is to awaken the spiritual power that in every human being lies sleeping at the base of the spinal column (kundalini) so that it rises through the six centers (chakras) located along the spine, until this energy reaches the seventh center at the top of the head and there unites with Shiva, the divine, thereby activating all the divine forces that sleep in human beings; they are then manifested as wisdom and bliss. Please note: this is small except of  more detailed information on this term given in the book.


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