The freshest seafood lunch my wife and I have eaten in our life was located just below the equator, about an hour dune buggy ride from Jericoacoara. The restaurant was a small hut, operated by a husband and wife team, who provided lobster, shrimp, fish, french fries, salad, rice, and ice cold bottles of beer. On the sand, about ten feet from the ocean, we had our meal, at a plastic table, sitting on two plastic chairs. Every traveler has stories about their trips. No big deal!

I’m turning fifty-five next week and looking back I feel that the simple things have provided me the most happiness. My wife is going to the fishmonger and will make  a gigantic platter of homemade sushi for my birthday. We will sit on the floor, eat raw fish on rice , drink sake, and talk politics for a few hours. I may purchase a couple of books or CDs online. Fantastic birthday!

Yes, it is important to have shelter, food, clothes and to pay the bills. The basic needs of life must be met. The question is how many toys does a person really need? How much value does the experience or purchase provide? Is ego a factor? Each person makes their own decisions on how they live. I understand that my views are not the norm in an increasing materialistic world.


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