Have you ever been to a Toastmasters club?

It is surprising to me that during four years of a university education earning a Bachelor Of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business, I never had a class in public speaking. I have learned throughout my life that a person needs to be able to communicate well. Sales/marketing is the engine that moves products and services. Besides reading, I have always been fascinated with people. I’m naturally extroverted. I have been in sales and earning my keep from a very young age. I really took off as a confident communicator around twenty eight years ago. Toastmasters changed my life. I dedicated one morning a week for six months, practicing speaking in front of others. My skills in face to face communication really improved. Since that time with toastmasters, I’m very confident walking into a room full of people or speaking to a room full of people. Toastmaster groups are located all over the world and here is the link if you wish to find a meeting place in your area.


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