Photographer Vikas Dutt is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  These images are from his project ‘Unique ID‘.  To see Vikas’ body of work click on any image.







Unique ID, also known as “Aadhaar” meaning “the foundation” in many Indian languages, is an ambitious project undertaken by the Government of India to provide unique identity to a billion plus people living in the country. This is the first project undertaken anywhere in the globe where biometric is being used to improve delivery of social sector programs rather than immigration or border security purposes.








The beauty of this program is that it has special ways to ensure delivery of unique identity number to challenged groups such as leprosy patients and the homeless. The images published in this series captures how some of these special groups are enrolled for Aadhaar and some behind-the-scene images of management of these enrolment centers.







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