Documentary Photographer Huw Alden Davies is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography.  These images are from his project ‘Tumble‘.  To see Huw’s body of work  click on any image.




Focusing on his home village, an ex-mining community in the heart of the Gwendraeth Valley, West Wales, Huw Alden Davies’ project entitled ‘Tumble’ is a personal interpretation and documentation of contemporary Welsh culture and his Sense of Place, here.




The traditional ways of rural society are being challenged by a modern homogeneous culture. Huw accepts that change is inevitable, even though, whilst he was growing up, the village seemed to be a permanent entity. Houses and buildings that had once been fundamental to community life were now being revealed as transient and only of a particular time – they were being replaced by those of a different time. Businesses were closing down or moving out, some of which had been a source of work in the community for over fifty years.




Change has implications, both positive and negative. The death of the original economy, based on mining, undeniably brought great hardship, but also forged further resilience of the community. However, during the latest recession this has been challenged yet again.





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