Photographer Claus Lucas is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  These images are from his project ‘Sense of Guilt‘. To see Claus’ body of work click on any image.




She Is a Dangerous


Hide and Seek




There have been numerous controversies on Barbie dolls due to its inborn duplicity and abnormal figure. Despite these critics, Barbie dolls are still an idol for many children and women. Even though black Barbies appeared a long time ago, discrimination still exists today, between white and black Barbies, as if they were living in the real world.

People’s mentality towards theses dolls was the reason why I choose Barbies as a main material for my work. The viewer’s sub consciousness and experience will evoke different kinds of reactions. Like the fleeting moments before a traffic accident, murder or voyeurism. For the ones not going thru the experience, these life events are someone else’s business.

I created a familiar space that looks like a real world where Barbie dolls actually live. I expressed brutality of human nature with the distorted love of Bobby and Ken.


Something Happens




Mirror Truth


Hush Up


Am Dusk-Hurt


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By Claus Lucas