Photographer and Writer Kiera-Marie Desnoes is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  These images are from her project ‘Fourteen‘.  To see Kiera-Marie’s photographs  click on any image.






‘Fourteen’ documents the increasingly isolated intimate lives and routines of a mother and her disabled son. It explores their overwhelming emotional, physical and financial interdependence.

Timothy (54) was born with brain damage resulting in cerebral palsy, autism and deafness. Timothy has no verbal language skills; he and Joan (79) communicate primarily in broken sign language. Following the death of his father Brian in February 2016, Joan is his full time carer.

Most of the photographs in this series were taken at Joan and Timothy’s home, which they refer to as Fourteen.

Although separated by almost two generations, there are many parallels between their lives and my own. In this sense the project could be viewed as autobiographical.

‘Fourteen’ is not intended as a political comment on attitudes towards elderly or disabled people. It is an exploration of Joan and Timothy’s relationship, and of the complicated, challenging and unanswered questions surrounding it.







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