Photographer Clare Benson is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  These images are from her book/project ‘The Shepherd’s Daughter‘.  To see Clare’s body of work click on any image.








Pieta II


The Shepherd’s Daughter is an ongoing series that began in 2011. Deeply rooted in my family history, it is a poetic investigation of memory, tradition, and mythology. My mother died when she was young. I was a child. It was something my mind could only liken to the death of an animal – those the only other deaths I had known. And so I grew up with my father: an avid hunter, archery champion, and former hunting guide in the Alaskan wilderness. Before my father, my grandmother was a hunter and before that my great-grandmother and long before that the stars made up constellations that told stories of the greatest hunts. In my work, nuances of the northern Michigan landscape of my upbringing are woven with narratives that speak to the fragility and strength of time and nature.




Bird’s Eye




The Haul


The Shepherd



The Shepherd’s Daughter

Book By Clare Benson