Why do humans continue to tear each other apart?


Life can be simple or it can be difficult. When poisonous thoughts enter the mind, the heart will decay. Unfortunately, because toxic information now moves at lightning speed and many competing agendas are fighting for power, the world will continue to march towards chaos. 9/11 was the beginning of the new Dark Age. Political, economic, religious, and military disruption is the norm because so many hearts and minds are out of balance.

Take, Take, Take, is the mantra and the mindset outside and inside the home. No pill, illicit drug, or bottle of booze will make the pain go away. The strength has to come from within. The elites want the peasants to get down and dirty in the mud and fight it out over race, religion, etc. In the meantime, the elites will scoop up everything short of the floor boards and build their bunkers behind iron gates, in luxurious communities, or on private islands, while the billions claw away at each other like a colossal cockfight.




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