Photographer and Filmmaker Tom Verbruggen is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these daily life images.  From his project ‘Iraqi Kurdistan‘.  To see Tom’s  body of work click on any image.


A shishkebab restaurant owner in his kitchen in the city of Haj Omaran, next to the Iranian border.


Gold-pimped Hyundai Coupé ‘Kurdi-style’ in Rawanduz. The owner, a young Kurd in his mid-twenties, made and hand painted the body work himself.


Lorries queuing to pass the Irani border in the city of Haj Omaran.


Two albino brothers begging near the Irani border city of Haj Omaran.


Supporters for the Movement for Change party, Gorran (‘Change’) in short, in the city of Slemani.


A group of young children and a mother posing in the refugee camp of Qushtapa, near Erbil. Around 7,000 refugees, mostly Syrian have been living there since 2012.


View from the restaurant on the top floor of the Grand Millennium Hotel in Slemani. The restaurant makes a full 360° rotation in one hour.


Near the village of Penjwin in the Korek mountains, lies a newly-built ski resort.


A customer quietly drinks his alcoholic beverage in a speakeasy in Ankawa, the christian district of the city of Erbil.


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By Tom Verbruggen