Documentary, Travel and Nature Photographer Andrea Calispa is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these daily life images.   These photographs are from her series ‘People & Culture‘. To see Andrea’s portfolio click on any image.


A Kiwcha boy walks to the “canoas” which are the main means of transportation of native people inside Cuyabeno Ecological Reserve, in the Ecuadorian Amazonia.
Sucumbios, Ecuador


Thousands of devout dress up to ask God for forgiveness on Easter week. The “cucurucho” is a traditional character on a purple custom with the face covered that walks on a procession that lasts the whole day.
Quito, Ecuador


The Medina of Fez is the largest of Morocco and the oldest in the world.
Fez, Morocco


People traveling the desert in their traditional dressing are called “blue men”. Blue color is used to ease the burning heat of the desert.
Merzouga, Morocco


An artisan holds her baby in a local market
Quito, Ecuador


Giovanni is from Peru, he works as a loader in a traditional market.
Old Quito, Ecuador


Fernando is an old A’i Cofan man. His granddaughter like many young A’i Cofan feels comfortable wearing western clothes.
Small village of Cuyabeno Ecological Reserve, Dureno, Ecuador


A boy posses for a photo at a street mural from the artist Ernest Zacharevic.
Penang, Malaysia


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