Photographer Alex Vainstein is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this mystery photo essay.  From his project ‘Alter Ego‘.  To see Alex’s series click on any image.






Alter Ego is a short story about a serial killer on the loose, looking for his next victim.

This short story is the result of a workshop during the 2015 Miami Street Photography Festival. Throughout the workshop, our assignment was to go out every night and build a story with the photographs we captured. The theme was “Mystery Miami”.

I used to be shy and sheepish when taking street photos. I would feel like a “predator” taking pictures of people that were unaware or may not want to be photographed.

This fear gave me the idea of creating an alter ego. I “became” a serial killer, wandering the streets of Miami, looking for my next prey. My weapon was my camera.







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By Alex Vainstein