The ship has sailed and will not return. Globalization is here to stay and cannot be put into a box and placed in the dark attic. President Trump’s campaign “Make America Great Again” shtick was nothing but smoke and mirrors to put him into the White House. Sure, every country needs to look out for their interest, but the world now is so interconnected through trade, movement of people, capital, and information, etc., that no country can go it alone.

I cannot offer a magic solution to fix the problems caused to American workers who have lost their jobs to workers in other countries. I’m not sure anyone can. Companies will continue to seek out the least expensive methods to do business. The divisive politics is also not helping the situation.

The logical plan would be for companies to continue to be innovative and concentrate heavily on engineering, technology, and international business. Workers also would need to continue to develop skills and have the education to fit into a global highly competitive society. These ideas would take time.

Is America ready to fall off a cliff?

Of course not!

Every day, millions and millions of people go to work and earn a living. Entrepreneurs continue to come up with new business ideas. Further, individuals and companies from all over the world, continue to invest a tremendous amount of money in America.


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