The new car today is a sophisticated computer system surrounded by metal and plastic. Mechanics need to not only be well versed in the latest technology and how it all ties together with the automobile, but also have access to very expensive diagnostic equipment.  When a person brings in their auto for repair, the shop will hook it up to equipment to find the problem. The old-time mechanics that have small shops many times do not have the capital to purchase the diagnostic equipment to analyze a problem of a late model car. These small shop mechanics sometimes have decades of experience. They can tear an older car engine down to pieces and perfectly put it back together. However, if the car is highly computerized, the customer will need to take it to a dealer or another shop who has the equipment to exactly pinpoint the problem without replacing multiple parts thru process of elimination.

In the future, many small mechanic shops will close. Hybrids, self driving vehicles, and other innovative driving machines, will only speed along the process of change in the car repair shop industry. Year after year, the older cars are being sent to the crusher and the small shop mechanics are fighting the clock, until eventually these mechanics will have to permanently shut their garage doors and find other professions, or reeducate themselves, so they can go to work for the dealers, or other large multi-location automotive repair companies.



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REPUBLISHED for the ‘Labor Day Special Issue’