Photographer Davide Palmisano is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From project ‘Shar-Bafi‘.  To see Davide’s body of work click on any photograph.




The Shar weavers use a wooden frame, consisting of two rollers, a number of pedals, a device for combing, small and large trees.  The dimension of the frame varies proportionally with the size of the final product and it is considerably smaller if compared to the size of the machine and the necessary laboratory space to host it.





It is said that Iranian women invented the first pattern of the frame at home.  Later, Iranian men developed an interest and gradually started to set up real laboratories of Shar.



The frame is entirely manual and still operated by one person. The strong components of craftsmanship have always being maintained as it’s vital to preserve the charm and the character of the craft.




The typical clicking of frames from the interior of these laboratories has for centuries filled the air of many winding streets of Yazd and Kashan.  Today many artisans keep this tradition alive, producing yarn for decoration, simple to elegant bedspreads, prayer mats and blankets of rare beauty.




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