President Trump’s new Executive Order against North Korea will give the United States Treasury Department more power to target individuals, companies , banks and other entities who trade or provide financing to North Korea. China’s Central Bank has also told their other banks to immediately stop doing business with North Korea. President Trump thanked China President Xi Jinping.

Follow the money and aggressively cut all trade with North Korea is the best method to start tightening the vise around the neck of Little Kim’s diabolical empire. The question is how much teeth and enforcement will be achieved with this executive order? Putting it on paper and implementation are two different animals. Like a slimy moray eel,corruption always finds a way to move around in the cavernous underwater shadows.  Further, is President Trumps’ Executive Order window dressing before war? In conclusion, regardless of the how the dots will be connected, this is an excellent placement of stones on the ‘Go’ board by President Trump.




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