Documentary Photographer Huw Alden Davies is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  These images are from his book/project ‘Prince‘.  To see more of Prince click on any image.



” The nurse told me a few weeks ago that I had to give up the Chocolate. I was so pissed off. I said, I’ve given up the drink, I’ve given up the fags, now I have to give up my chocolate. Do you want me to stop breathing as well? And she said, no, we wouldn’t expect you to do that. It’s just as well I said, I haven’t got fuck-all-much else left”.  Prince.





Known as Prince, John Alden Davies has been recognized by this namesake for most of his life. By his friends, his family and by all that have met him, and although to him this was simply a name, to a boy (the artist) with little knowledge or care in the world, this was colossal. To him, his father was royalty, a hero like Prince Adam of Eternia (except without a ‘Battle Cat’ or a sword).




In an attempt to reconnect with this childhood notion and curious adulation, Davies records the essence of a man and his eccentricities in creating an intricate depiction, while exploring the physiological and cultural elements that inform the image that should have once been his role model.








By Huw Alden Davies