Photographer Keith Goldstein is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.   From his series ‘Sleepers’.  To see Keith’s body of work click on any photograph.






If you live in a large city, you see them everywhere. On your commute around town. To and from work, running errands, or in a park. Bad weather or a sunny day. Young, old. Some seemingly well off, or most, apparently homeless. We tend to pass them by with a curious glance.

How in this midst of all this hustle and noise can they find respite to lay down on the sidewalk and sleep? Some so deep and some, like a cat, awaken at the slightest noise that seems out of the ordinary. Such as the click of coins hitting the inside of a cup placed beside them for collecting spare change from passersby.

In some ways I envy them. I never feel I sleep enough. But in many ways they seem too vulnerable to be out in the open for such a private endeavor. Sleep incites dream. Dream incites memory, past, present, future. In sleep, in dream we desire positive outcomes for circumstances related to events in our lives or the world at large .







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