The Architectural Design Found At Bus Stops In Remote Areas Of The Former Soviet Union

Anapa, Russia


Photographer and Videographer Christopher Herwig is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From his book Soviet Bus Stops and Soviet Bus Stops Volume II, published by FUEL .   To see Christopher’s body of work click on any photograph.


Rostovanovskoye, Russia


Krasnoselskoye, Russia


Omsk, Russia


Saransk Саранск, Russia


Kvasyliv, Ukraine


Chornobai, Ukraine


Plisnyany, Ukraine


Ivanovo, Russia


Goderdzi Pass, Georgia


Kamenka Каменка, Russia


Luhove, Crimea


Stary Oskol, Russia



Soviet Bus Stops


Soviet Bus Stops Volume II

Published by FUEL


Christopher Herwig



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