Photographer John Stratoudakis is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From his project ‘Odeon Lido‘.  To see John’s portfolio click on any image.










It was winter of 2011, when I decided to make a story about a movie theater, just a few weeks before closing once and for all. Movie theater Odeon Lido was an essential part of the city of Volos, Greece. Located at the intersection of K. Kartali and Gallias streets, offered for a long time, moments of joy and dreams to the people of Volos. From Lido’s grand opening, back in 1978, Mr. Gregory G. was the master of the projection room, the man behind the well-oiled cine-projector machine. Many movies and blockbusters passed through his lens, until his retirement in spring 2011, after which Odeon Lido finally closed.








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