Photographer Nirvair Singh Rai is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of  this landscape photography.   To see Nirvair’s gallery of photographs click on any image.


Pangi Valley
Pangi gets its name from Pangwals (or vice versa); Pangwal has a connotation of Panga (trouble ) And hence these treacherous mountains would act as curtains for the landscape, almost covering them.


The Chandartaal Lake
The tiny ripple was like a ripple in the viewer’s soul.


Roadies sure know how to play it…
Roads leading to Chandartaal


Enroute Chandartaal Lake, in Lahaul Valley


Feeder feeding Chandartaal Lake


The spectate
Mobile and static, distant and up close, spread eagled and folded
Enroute to Pong Dam


Nature is an element that is beyond our control. One can only visit it or be a part of it, but there is zero ownership.

There are times when one just gazes at the uncountable stars above us and feels small as well as big, always trying our best to put this feeling into words or images. At the same time, on a broad leaf there lie a few droplets from the first shower of the monsoon; drops that make you feel like a bubble just about to burst. Birds fly in a chorus, making their own visual lyrics. One is drawn by the ultimate stillness of a tree, anchored in its roots, observing every passerby, every season from the same point.


Shadows lashing over the wet sand of Uttarakhand


Lahaul Valley
The many layers of rocks , mountains, rivers , coming together to create a rhythm of their own.


Spiti pillars
Enroute to Kaza


Village on the way to Pin Valley


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By Nirvair Singh Rai