Photographer Ray Carofano is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this portrait/documentary photography.  From his ongoing project ‘Faces of Pedro‘.  To see Ray’s portfolio click on any image.


I only knew her for a short time before her body was found in the bushes at the All Star Inn. She had over dosed.


Is a cancer survivor, she is one tough bird.
I met her at the Alhambra Room, the oldest bar in San Pedro.


He suffers from schizophrenia.
His character changed several times in front of my camera.


Jiminy cricket:
When I met him he was 1 year clean of heroin and found Jesus.
Two months later he overdosed and died in an alley by a dumpster.


Salem girl:
Born in Salem Massachusetts.
She wondered into my studio one Halloween night.


A merchant marine who fueled large cruise and cargo ships.


I met him in a tavern down the street from my studio called Godmothers.
Bobby is 6.4 foot tall, I had to stand on an apple box to photograph him.


Candy man:
Had worked in the casinos in Las Vegas.
I always thought he had sad eyes.


A retired professional hockey player.
You don’t want to mess with this guy.


Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, Los Angeles, California


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