Artist and Photographer Simona Bonanno is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. From her project ‘Chains Of Silence‘.  To see Simona’s body of work click on any photograph.


Jon Benét R., U.S. citizen
Child beauty pageant queen killed in her family’s home at the age of 6


Emanuela O., Italian
15-years-old citizen of Vatican City, mysteriously disappeared


Neda A.S., Iranian
Student of philosophy participating in the 2009 Iranian election protests, killed


In memory of children, girls and women victims of silence.

Silence can have many forms: it could be expected by people’s culture, by ignorance, power or religious fanaticism; it could be charged with aggression and sexual abuse. It could be imposed by mafia or men’s clan justice, who requires women’s obedience and acquiescence.

Dedicated to women, girls and children rebelling against all silences, fighting with courage. And who die in the name of the freedom denied.


Begm S., Pakistani
Killed by her husband by beating for opposing the arrange marriage of the daughter


Afghan Women Self-Immolation


Ciudad Juárez Femminicide
Violent deaths of 370 (women and girls)
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico


Hassi Messaoud Massacre, Algeria
Many violent attacks against women living in the city


Rita A., Italian
Witness in a major Mafia investigation in Sicily, she committed suicide at the age of 17


Susana C, Mexican
Poet and human rights activist from Ciudad Juárez, killed


Anna S.P., Russian
Journalist, writer, and human right activist, killed by hired assassins


Medine M., Turkish
16-years-old buried alive by her relatives as punishment for talking to boys



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