Photographer and Multimedia Storyteller Sabrina Merolla is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From her series ‘Dunwu – Epiphanies‘.  To see Sabrina’s body of work click on any image.



The series is part of an ongoing research on lishi jiyi, “historical memory”, in Contemporary Mainland China.



The daily dramatization of the last century’s “History of Humiliations” has become the magic box of PRC’s cultural policies since more than twenty years. Foundation of today’s “Beijing Spirit” and “China Dream” campaigns, among the others, it shows memory as a massive collective tool, possibly exiling many subjective views and remembrances from the official National History Book.






But memory can also be every individual’s unconscious action of remembrance, the random stream of illuminations, ghosts and emotions layered and mixed up in every man’s soul.




It is in the attempt to recall these existential intuitions and forgotten personal stories that China’s daily street scenes are here shown as sinking epiphanies, blurred snapshots and sudden illuminations, squeezed in the crowds and fluxes of the contemporary metropolis and its routine.



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By Sabrina Merolla