I do not like to throw things away. Why would one toss into the rubbish container something that works? I’m not a hoarder who collects all things, but do hold on to items until they fall apart. I take excellent care of everything purchased so the items last for a very long time. For example, I have custom made tailored dress shirts bought years ago in Hong Kong. They still look and dress well. I have only owned two watches for the last thirty-five years. Further, oil changes on automobiles have always been done every 3000 miles, etc.

Advertising is very dangerous and can make slaves out of people who buy the latest and greatest items that they may not be able to afford or do not need. I cannot understand why individuals stand in long lines in America and even around the world for the latest gadget. It seems submissive to allow a manufacturer to have so much control over their minds. Purchases should be made in an enjoyable manner that provide value for one’s life. Of course, spending money on emergencies, healthcare, repairs, etc. are mostly not enjoyable.





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