Documentary Photographer Tammy Law is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this article.   From her project ‘Letting go of Place‘.  To see Tammy’s body of work click on any photograph.







This was our place.
A place where we used to play, argue, dream.
This was a place where our parents decided to go their separate ways.
A place where we expressed our deepest sorrows, and felt most isolated.
This was the place where we experienced being ‘the other’, far away from anyone else like us.
A place we called home but never felt we belonged.
This was our house for 30 years.
All seven of us lived here.
Dad left and then slowly, one after the other, we did too.
Our belongings were left behind along with mum.
She felt close to the stuff of the past and couldn’t bear to let go.
Who could blame her?
Recently mum decided to move to a new place.
A place of opportunity.
Her new house will hold belongings from years before but won’t bear the scars of the decades past.






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