Photographer Marie Starr is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these daily life images.  To see Marie’s body of work click on any photograph.


Bago, Bago Division: Fifty praying Buddha images in the leafy grounds of a monastery


Taunggyi, Shan State: A vendor at the Taunggyi market tosses her fresh chilies and blows out the leaves


Taungbyone, Mandalay Division: An elderly tobacco seller puffing on a cheroot at a large nat/spirit festival near Mandalay


Mindat, Chin State: An elderly Chin woman with traditional tattooed face and beaded jewelry plays a solemn tune lamenting the loss of her late husband on her nose-blown flute.


Pathein, Ayeyerwaddy Division: A man delivers drinking water to homes and businesses around the city the traditional way despite being shouldered out by an increasing amount of motorized vehicles


Shan Kitchen, Yangon: Restaurants specialising in Shan food are popular throughout the country because Shan food is so good. This is tofu nway, a delicious breakfast of chicken noodles with a warm tofu gravy poured over.


Dawei, Thaninaryi Division: Fish at the local fresh fish market in Dawei waiting to be sold


Pathein, Ayeyerwaddy Division: Handmade parasols from Pathein are famous across Myanmar


U Bein Bridge, Mandalay: Kids play at bath time near U Bein Bridge, the longest teak bridge in the world


Taungoo, Bago Division: Old colonial houses, once great and grand, now overtaken with wilderness


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