Kung Fu Meditations & Chinese Proverbial Wisdom is only around 125 pages, but is full of timeless knowledge. The book focuses on the Tao and covers in the first few pages meditation, no-mind, as well as a brief explanation of the teachings of Taoism. The rest of the book contains about seventy-five meditations and twenty proverbs. Sayings from the Tao Te Ching and other Chinese sources are included in the book.  The black & white calligraphy and illustrations are also a nice addition. It is best to read a few pages and then return to read some more. Think of a slow cooker taking its time and providing a tasty meal.

I believe that ancient philosophy is important in today’s fast moving world. Books like this provide a balance to the constant media negativity. Finding a quiet place at the beach, park, forest, or in the home, and reading Kung Fu Meditations & Proverbial Wisdom is a great way to spend an afternoon.



Below are two example proverbs and one meditation from the book:


If happiness is in your destiny,
you need not be in a hurry.


A ship can find support in water;
water can turn it over.


With only a little sense
you will walk on the main road.
The only fear will be
straying from it.
It is easy to stay on the main road.
But people seem to love
being led astray.


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Kung Fu Meditations and Chinese Proverbial Wisdom