Photographer Nicolas Hafele is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From his project ‘Sweet Water Memories‘.  To see Nicolas’ body of work click on any image.





Sweet Water Memories

to my father (poem by my grandmother)

afternoons of thunders

together watching the rain

your hand upon my hand

enjoying in silence

the perfume of the humid earth

memory of distant childhood

took root in my life

looking the rain fall

together watching the rain.





For so many nights and days I was listening to my grandmother´s stories about our family. It was a beautiful process for both of us letting times be present through so many dimensions. What was will always make a whirring tune surrounding us on which we play our melodies. It is like the memories of a distant childhood which make you feel embraced.

Aguapey is the name of the farm my great grandfather built up in Corrientes, Argentina.  In indigenous language -guaraní- Aguapey means sweet water.




After loosing the land in the 80´s,  the memories of  two generations there are still present in moods, nostalgia and values, up to our generation.

A Moodboard of a loss and what remains.

In deepest gratitude & love to the whole family.



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By Nicolas Hafele