Photographer Mauricio Pisani is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these photographs.  From his project ‘Bahia Living Rooms’.  To see Mauricio’s body of work click on any image.





Rather than questioning the dominant role of television as the only source of “information”, leisure and “cultural content” in a significant part of the Brazilian homes, the images also point to other important roles of the object – of material, aesthetic and symbolic order: a presence that organizes and distributes light and fills the space.

The images show us shades of color and the presence of certain recurring elements – curtains, plastic flowers, religious images – and suggest an aesthetic standard that could set up a typology of housing in interior of Bahia. The rooms portrayed here suggests to us, moreover, geographic characteristics of the region and cultural aspects of its inhabitants. We are intentionally not shown everything so that we can imagine: the natural and human landscape beyond the frame, the warm night, a clear sky, the red clay, the colors of the land. Colors and contrasts already announced inside the rooms guide us to another place, the place of the other.

Text by Anna and Camila Fialho





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