Without Boundaries Making Dresses For The Devil


Photographer Alina Fedorenko is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this art project.  From her series ‘Dresses‘.  To see Alina’s body of work click on any photograph.





“Twelve nails and a rusty pair of scissors.

With only these meagre tools at her command,

apart from her own pale hands,

the girl had been locked as prisoner in a shed

alongside the stupefied herd of animals.

‘Every night, for six nights, you will tailor a frock

fit for the devil.’, she was told.

And for six nights she stayed in the shed

alongside the wailful herd

to finish one dress after another.

With twelve nails, and a rusty pair of scissors

and her own bloodied hands.”




We are creating and designing everything around us. We design fashion, we breed our animals, plants, our food, even our children.

From time to time we loose more and more the reference of reality and overdo our possibilities, so ethical values get lost. The beauty becomes unreachable for the most, plastic surgeries become essential. This series is about designing and creating without any limits, on the first view it seems a beautiful draped dress but on the second you will realize that this beauty is only skin deep.




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