Fine Art Photographer and Mixed Media Artist  Meryl Truett is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From her project Vernacular Highway . To see Meryl’s portfolio click on any photograph.


God Is Alive
Highway 46 Georgia


Cornfield and Barn
Highway 378 South Carolina


BBQ Shack
Highway 17 Florida


Tedrick Car on Poles
Highway 17 North Carolina


“Vernacular Highway” addresses the marginalization and evolving social terrain of American regional ideology. From urban transition to the disappearing rural individuality of the landscape, I seek to capture a personal vision of place. Barren scenery, decaying signage and vernacular architecture have become a symbolic part of the rural south’s visual identity.  I photograph these and other indigenous images not to mock them, nor to reveal disdain for them, but rather to evoke a melancholic memory.


Knife and Fork
Highway 11 Tennessee


Highway 17 Virginia


Boat on Sticks
Highway 17 Georgia


Green Car on Stilts Highway 17 North Carolina


Truck and Boat with Shadow
Hwy 17 South Carolina


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By Meryl Truett