Photographer, Writer and International Development Professional Richard Friend is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these daily life images.  From his series ‘Urban Asia‘.  To see Richard’s body of work click on any photograph.


Hanoi Bench


Chinese pharmacies still attract a loyal clientele despite the growth of brightly lit western-style outlets. A pharmacist prepares traditional herbal medicines in one of Bangkok’s Chinatown pharmacists. From a long-line of traditional Chinese pharmacists there is little chance of her children continuing the family business.


Bikes Hue
Early morning commuters in Hue, Central Vietnam


Shopkeeper in Bangkok’s Chinatown displays tattoos that offer spiritual protection.


Monk on alms walk
A Buddhist monk on his early morning alms-collection, walking barefoot over a canal bridge in Khlong Toey, Bangkok. Every morning Buddhist monks in Thailand collect alms providing lay people an opportunity to make merit.


Grilled Fish
A store keeper lays out whole tilapia to be grilled in a Bangkok night market.


Reading the News
A store keeper takes a break reading a newspaper in the Phra Khanong market, Bangkok


Crossing the street late in the evening in Singapore’s Little India


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By Richard Friend