Photographer Melissa Kreider is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From her project ‘Remnants‘ .  To see Melissa’s projects click on any image.


Domestic Assault, Incident Report Taken, 8/2/2015, 11:42pm, 2015


Remnants is an exploration of the successes or failures of the reactionary structures that are responsible for engaging victims of sexual and domestic abuse. The photographs range from sites of sexual and domestic assault, the sexual assault evidence collection kits survivors have to endure, to the backlog of rape kits in police evidence rooms, the crime labs in which this kits are tested, and finally the survivors themselves. All of these aspects create a complicated and intimidating maze of steps a survivor may maneuver if they choose to rely on the justice system for assistance. This work does not serve to trigger or create a negative response, but exists as photographic evidence of the reality many face when assaulted.


Anonymous, translating their notes from Spanish to English, 1 week after assault, 2016


State of Iowa Rape Kit, Front, 2016


State of Iowa Rape Kit, Step 3, 2016


M, 16 years since assault, 2017


Workstation, DNA Testing Lab
Youngstown, Ohio, 2016


Workstation, DNA Testing Lab
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2016


2 kits in this location. Arkansas has sweeping, statewide testing reform. 2016


Anonymous, 6 years since first assault, 5 years since second assault, 2 years since third assault, 2016


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