Photographer Sudarshan Mondal is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this landscape photography.  From his project ‘Resonance‘ .  To see Sudarshan’s body of work click on any image.






Resonance: A Reflection of State of Mind

Some scenes reciprocate a state of mind. These scenes could be of a very mundane place or maybe grand view of the Himalaya. But not necessarily all grand views resonate a mind. In this series of black & white images, I have tried to photograph natural places, with little known and unrecognized places, with people and without people, which somehow resonate my state of mind and heart. With these images, I have tried to find a gate through which I can go further, beyond the scene into another wonderland where I can talk with myself in a deeper level, play with the silence, with my past, with all unresolved misery, and roam around with my another self. For me, images are not just to look at, but a way of life that awaken senses, and give some sort of comfort when it resonates with my state of being, heart and soul.







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By Sudarshan Mondal