Geologist, Pilot and Photographer Evan Anderman is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this aerial photography.  From his project ‘Arctic Impressions: Iceland‘.  To see Evan’s projects and archive click on any image.


Flowing Milk,Markarfljot, Iceland, 2012


River Patterns, Markarfljot, Iceland, 2012


Nature’s Capillaries, Landmannalauger, Iceland, 2012


Meandering River, Vatnaoldur, Iceland, 2012


Pastel Ridges, Landmannalauger, Iceland, 2012


Lime Green Landscape, Vatnaoldur, Iceland, 2012


Rusty Dirt, Geldingafell, Iceland, 2012


Accumulation, Markarfljot, Iceland, 2012


Braided Landscape, Landmannalauger, Iceland, 2012



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By Evan Anderman