Documentary Photographer Oriol Segon Torra is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From his project ‘ Young Patriots’.  To see Oriol’s body of work click on any image.






Life in a military summer camp for children and teenagers in Hungary

The military summer camp in Mogyoród, Hungary is a private initiative that receives each year hundreds of children and teenagers between 10 and 15 years old.

Some arrive attracted by the fascination of the military lifestyle, others are brought there by their parents to introduce the unforgiving adult world where emotions are rarely permitted and must face life with straightness and discipline.

For a week, they will live in tents, receive military training experienced by active military, acquire notions of homeland and instruction, hold on long guard nights without sleep, learn how to manage a Ak-47, with ammunition blanks, and simulation of being under tear gas attacks.

It will be a week of screamed orders which will prevail intense physical exercise, educational behaviorism, precooked food, and where any vulnerabilities and all questioning of military methods are simply overlooked, silenced and inwardly repressed.

Those young soldiers, who had previously felt the call of the patriotism, will be transformed into disciplined patriots of the great Hungary that one day will be the same as it was.







Hungary, 2013

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By Oriol Segon Torra