Photographer Andy Hann is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this street/documentary photography.  From his project ‘Welcome to Hollywood’.  To see Andy’s body of work click on any image.


Let’s be straight on one thing. If it does not somehow involve a two string, upcycled suitcase guitar – then it ain’t The Blues.






He told me his name was Tupac – from the equator. “I’m from around the world man, around the world.” – For those of you keeping score at home, your Tupac post- death sightings should now be at eleven.


Susan grew up in Encino, but says she now lives homeless in the Hollywood Hills. She was out on her morning walk and was quite pleasant to talk to.


There is a particular side street off the boulevard where the mentally ill tend to congregate. They all sit alone and yell obscenities into the wind. I sat with this woman for a bit who referred to herself only as “A punk-rock”.


Those nails


I asked this gentleman his name and he replied; “Whose your daddy”. He then launched into a Robin Williams-esque song and dance number that was equal parts incoherent and hilarious.


So this guy walked up to me and said his name was Mr. Wikipedia. He then rattled off a list of lofty accomplishments including his claim that he wrote the song Purple Rain after Prince died.


Rock n roll



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