Photographer Manuel Sechi is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary/landscape photography.  From his book/project ‘The Neighborhood‘.  To see Manuel’s projects click on any  image.






When I moved to Essex, in 2014, it was kind of a new and different experience to me. I was quite excited to finally have the opportunity to enjoy, at least during the weekend, a more relaxed lifestyle, clean air, the English breakfast and the warm welcome of the country pubs.

And of course I felt the need to explore the neighborhood with my camera.

This book is just a little tribute to the village where I live in and even though it seemed so different at first it has really made me feel at home. To natives these places might not seem much but to someone foreign, like me, they always look different, peculiar and in some way exotic. These places have really captured my eye and my heart.

The pictures in this book were taken between September 2016 and December 2017, in Essex. Most of them in Ingatestone, and a few in Chelmsford and Shenfield.






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