Photographer Avishek Das is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these daily life images.  To see Avishek’s portfolio click on any photograph.


Eye Shadow
Hindu people put paint on their faces as part of their traditional practices before the eve of Charak Gajan festival.
Burdwan, West Bengal


A village boy has taken a shelter under the leaf of  a Water Lily during the rainy season in a remote village of Purulia. He was observing the activity of the clouds in the sky and planning to escape from the jungle as soon as possible.
West Bengal


Love Bonding
Two young Muslim brothers are celebrating the Eid Festival after making the Holi prayer on the streets of Kolkata.
West Bengal


Unknown Journey
A fisherman walking on a river bed during the low tide. The water level goes drastically down during the summer low tide and people can cross the river by foot. 
Canning, West Bengal


Madrasa Girls
Muslim girls taking a break during their study in a Madrasa
Kolkata, West Bengal


Diwali Night
Monks are decorating the river bank of Ganges during the Dev Deepavali festival.
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


Caged Childhood
A Child has been caged in his house while his parents are out working in a remote village.
Canning Town, West Bengal


Parental Duty
This man is moving his child to a safer place after his home was totally destroyed by a devastating flood.
Howrah, West Bengal


One Eyed Shadow
Boy covering his face; he had lost vision on his left eye.
Burdwan, West Bengal


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By Avishek Das