Photojournalist Vincent D Johnson is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this landscape/documentary photography.  From his multimedia project ‘Lost Americana‘.  To see the stories state by state click on any image.


A windmill succumbs to gravity and time on an old homestead north of Four Corners


An old boxcar from about the 1920s sits in a plowed field of wheat.
North Dakota


Somewhere in eastern Nebraska along the route from Blair, NE to Johnstown, NE


No Vacancy
The Desert Inn
Shoshoni, Wyoming


Somewhere in Texas


The vision that comes to most people’s mind when talking about rural & small town America, is that of large families working on farms with big red barns and parades down Main Streets in small towns filled with mom & pop stores.

However, now many communities are closer to ghost towns and ruins. Only unlike the Pyramids & the Great Wall these icons of the peak of America’s agriculture society, as well as the people who lived when they were thriving, are quickly disappearing and will soon just be another part of Lost Americana.


Abandoned red brick home in the ghost town of Sims
Morton County, North Dakota


Shiprock Peak, New Mexico


Main Street, Manchester, Kansas


Illinois Route 52 west of Shorewood, closer to Lisbon





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