Travel and Documentary Photographer Szabolcs Ivan is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this  documentary photography.  From his project ‘The Lido, Paris’To see Szabolcs’ body of work click on any image.




Lido, Paris

This selection of photographs is from the Lido, Paris: a highly acclaimed cabaret show which is steeped in history and has been running for 70 of years. The images are a glimpse of the rarely seen behind the curtain moments, showing a unique perspective into backstage life, as well as the spectacular scenes from the show.




The Lido’s prestige is deep rooted in history and dates back to 1928, when the first Lido with artificial beaches was created in the basement of a townhouse on the Champs-Élysées. By day it was a pool where parents could enjoy refreshments while their children played. The doors then shut but reopened around midnight, when the Lido really came to life: a casino, musical shows, performances in the pool and gondolas appeared.




Throughout the century the show has reinvented itself numerous times and the famous chorus line of Bluebell Girls created: strictly selected, talented, long legged, legendary showgirls that dazzle the audience with their elegance, beauty and dance skills. Since this time, the show has grown into a multi-million Euro sensation. Pyramids appear rotating from below stage; dancers and acrobats perform on ice rinks and in swimming pools. It is a spectacle with incredible water scenes, costumes and iconic stunning showgirls.





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By Szabolcs Ivan