Photographer Steve Sabella is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From his series ’Exit’.  To see Steve’s body of work click on any photograph.






“The photographs in the Steve Sabella’s series Exit were taken in a hospice in Cork, Ireland. The artist, born and raised in Jerusalem, Palestine, was soon to depart from his homeland for good, and in observing the elderly patients, regarding their pasts and the great unknown that lay before them, the artist found a certain kinship. The images of these hands warped by time, their bones fragmented and dislocated, mirrored Sabella’s existence under the Israeli occupation, both physically and mentally. They spoke to the landscape of exile. Like maps of a rugged terrain, lacking a center-point, each pockmark and wrinkle tells a story. Their scars expose traces of a personal history that extend beyond the surface of skin, just as the landscape of Palestine bears a narrative that grows, root-like, far beneath geopolitical conflicts and occupations.”







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