Cinematographer,  Photographer and Teacher Vitor Queiroz is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this narrative photography.  From his project ‘Portugal: 2 and a half years later’.  To see Vitor’s body of work click on any photograph.


Old grandmother house. It’s not empty yet.


This room was once full of more than photographs.


Mountains are still up, houses are still there.


Landed in the Lisbon Airport on a hot summer day. The place is empty, there are no people around.
This series of photographs report my travel back to my motherland, a tour made through places never visited
not only since I left but since my childhood. I have built a romantic memory about my past life, that misleads me emotionally while away, now that divergent memory and the reality of things are colliding in front of me.


Hanging memories


Morning sun


Something strange is floating in the air, as if something had happened in my absence. And it did happen in
fact, life goes on when we are not present. But there is something else, as if time had moved in a different
way, this was something unperceivable for me on that summer day. Couldn’t see people there, as if they had
rushed out, I could still feel traces of them.


Faded patriotism


Nature is slowing taking over.


I can still feel the smells, the textures, as if I’m still a child smaller than everything else. It’s all still here but
melting into something more tactile, there are fewer places where to hide.
Do we ever grow up?


Memories of family, memories of religion, dusty corners


Family gathering


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