Photographer and Fine Artist Bethany Lambrou is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From book/project ‘Stafford House’.  To see Bethany’s body of work click on any image.





Lambrou began this project in 2013, after witnessing a close family friend suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. She began to question our existence and if our lives are just a result of passing time. Stafford House was titled after the rest home to which her friend had been living, and documents the lives of the residents living there. It looks at a time towards the end of a persons life, the time when everything begins to feel lost, and everything that somebody has built and worked towards results in just a few personal items, that are left to reflect the personality of somebody who know longer remembers who they are. It‘s a book about searching for the lost identities of the elderly, and an intuitive approach to people and their stories, opening insights to worlds that would otherwise stay hidden and somewhat forgotten.







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