Documentary and Portrait Photographer  Kristina Syrchikova is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From her project ‘Funeral Dress’To see Kristina’s body of work click on any image.






This project is about an elderly woman from Russia affected by cancer. For several years she had been struggling  with the disease. She received treatment in hospitals and several courses of chemotherapy.  Believing in her recovery she tried everything.  The woman went to church, visited witch doctors and used folk cures.


After the first Holy Communion.


On her way to the witch doctor


Doctors were giving up on her treatment, redirecting her from one hospital to another.

When she stopped believing in her recovery,  the elderly woman sewed herself a funeral dress.


The funeral dress


Chemotherapy causes her hair to fall. To hide her imperfections she wears headscarves and hats.



During her fight to  get well, she visited plenty of hospitals, almost lived in some of them.  During her last hospital stay  of a week, she was not able to walk or receive any care.  The woman was discharged from the hospital and died at home surrounded by relatives.


Curtained mirrors is a common practice


A water basin filled with water and a towel, left by the relatives at the dead woman’s home.


A handkerchief, given by the relatives to remember the woman.




A note from the woman’s archive.
“Let God judge you, Leave mine to me, Take yours with you”.


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By Kristina Syrchikova